July 3rd, 2010

after all

Selling some books - longer list to come

I've made mumbley mention of this now and again over the last several weeks, and am still not doing a bang-up job at sitting down and organizing everything. To help get this parade started, I'm putting up the first of what will be many lists of books for sale.

My thought is to use LiveJournal as a central data point, and then branch off into eBay or what-not as needed. This first list is a very sporadic selection from the hardcover and tradepaperback shelves, SO much more still to list...

I can take Paypal or checks (or cash for locals). Shipping is Media Mail, $3 for one book, $1 more for each additional book, $10 max shipping charge.

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Yeah, pretty random - and more where that came from!

If you see something you'd like, either comment here, or email me at aliceibentley of the mighty gmail.com - I'll strike things as they're claimed.