August 14th, 2010


Learned this week

- Jury duty is more fun than I expected, and a surprising amount of tension arises over whether one will be excused or kept on as a juror.

- I do not catalog or price books if the tiniest, most flimsy excuse can be found to put it off even 10 more minutes. This is not good, and will require more drastic measures.

- Offloading books by the bagful at used bookstores (instead of trying to list each title) does indeed move some stuff out of the house, but the required mindset makes cruising for books that will use up the credit impossible (for me). Anyone strongly wishing they had credit at the Couth Buzzard? Let's talk.

- In the "flimsy excuse" department, I know that there are many items that I'm going to want to eBay rather than make up a price and list. I could use my already opened eBay account "alicebentley" OR I could take advantage of the generous offer to list them as part of the "studiofoglio" empire. Trying to decide which is a better choice has granted me several weeks of delay. Any opinion?