September 13th, 2011


Book sale continues

This system is working out pretty well. The kid (who isn't emotionally involved with these - quite the contrary!) types in the titles to a Google Doc, then people tell me which ones they want and I pack 'em up.

That link is:

About half the already listed books are spoken for, including the majority of the super-collectible ones, so at this point I'm comfortable with the "get 'em out" price system of $1 per book plus shipping. If you want to pay more than that, I will not talk you out of it, but the goal is to get these to new homes.

As things at home lurch ever closer to needing to sell the house and move, my incentive for getting these books out of here has reached new heights.

Expect a third list (List 3, just started at the bottom of the document) to get added as this week progresses. Then on Friday I'm going to be taking as many boxes as will fit in the car over to Foolscap, and offer them the same deal (with no shipping!).