November 29th, 2011

after all

But how would that...?!?

First thing this morning (as I sweep through my regular check of email, LJ and FaceBook, someone on FB mentions that the Girl Genius website is down. I check, and yep, sure is. I call someone who can do something about it.

Then I figured I would remind the FaceBook peeps about the LiveJournal mirror, only to find that the Girl Genius page doesn't load. (That link I listed just now? Wasn't working when I posted this.)

But I don't understand how *this* page, the page I'm reading and using to post, can work just fine and yet the GG page doesn't. Even the art that the LiveJournal page links to is on a different host than the main page, and even if it wasn't why would that affect the LJ page itself loading?

A Mystery.