January 4th, 2012

after all

Hugo Award nominations open

So, you know how last month there was that fabulous Magick4Terri event, and the vast number of auctions spurred me to create a ghod-awful-huge GoogleDoc spreadsheet just to wrap my head around it? Well, I have been very much out-of-touch with what's been coming out in the speculative fiction field, and am already loosing track of all the good recommendations and lists people are spooling out.

So I've gone and created another Doc. Only this time, I really want anyone who is interested to help fill it in.

The spreadsheet is at here at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AsUSB8f4Hgt2dHJESjJ5UWRxU0NHR1o0dTVDUER4a0E.

You should not need to have a gmail account or be logged in or anything to read it.

I've started inputting the first list I had on hand (Elizabeth Bear), and I plan to add many more as time allows. But here's a game where everyone can play!

My thought is to list everything that is *eligible* regardless of whether it would be your personal top pick. This will be a reference, not truly a recommendation. We can also drop in come comments on things that might have been eligible, but aren't (like Girl Genius).

If you want to help input, shoot me an email and I'll add your email to the list of "can edit" folks.