January 11th, 2012

You don't say!

Tor.com for the win!

So, like I was saying earlier this week, I've been putting together this massive Google spreadsheet of works that seem to be eligible for the Hugo by typing in the lists that authors and other sources provide.

That got a big chunk of easier after Tor.com posted their list of what they published during 2011.

But now they have really upped their game, listing all the novels and all the short fiction that came out in 2011.

Now, they did it because they're running a new Reader's Choice Award (and because they are awesome). And I could use it to say there's less reason to poke away at MY massive GoogleDoc.

But there's always a chance that some cool stuff has come out that they've missed. And my list has all those other Hugo categories that they aren't concerned with. I also have sneaky over-ambitious thoughts of adding a column with info like "recommended by So-and-So" to help us all parse this giant thing. No promises though - I still haven't finished inputting all the Scalzi recs.

As before, anyone that feels like helping is welcome. Just shoot me an email and I'll add you to the editor pool.