January 17th, 2012

Did I err?

Data Entry Follies

I put a little more time today into doing data entry for my comprehensive, compulsive Hugo Award Eligible list, adding the rest of the entries from Tor.com's list.
Now, I'm aware that their list is not a complete match. I would guess that they include Horror, which a lot of Hugo voters wouldn't. But what I only realized as I came close to finishing the merge, is that their list has not apparently been vetted at all, as I found two short story collections and a non-fiction reviews book listed.
The real mystery now is: How many of the other titles that i so blithely added to my list are inappropriate?
And how do I tell? And what do I do about it? (Well, obviously, remove them as they are found.)

So now the next step (I still need to add a bunch from Scalzi's list) is to include a comment about if the title has been verified (like, the author or publisher says it is). And maybe this would be a good time to add what format the book is in as well - something I wanted to add anyway. But then there's the very real issue of not spending more time on this than is warranted. And since it's just a hobby-task, that's probably no where near as much time as it would really need.

Bottom line, we shall see. But I am for sure going to add a field for Source from now on!