January 25th, 2012

after all

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A day of distractions!
I had a job interview this morning for a part-time gig doing office work and helping as a veterinarian's assistant. That would make *three* part-time jobs, which, if they all claimed their maximum expected time, would still only barely equate to a full time job. The top=paying one pays $15/hr, so we're not talking financial security here - but it still beats not having any work.
I got some but not all of my self-chosen task list complete, but I have a real shot at getting every single one finished by tomorrow evening, so that's all good.

The real distraction right at the moment is the return of a comment troll to one of my community hang-outs. I feel this ... urge ... to actually respond to some of the random (and verbose!) complaints this person keeps spewing. And I know better. I really DO. I should just Obxkcd: 386 myself. And be satisfied with posting about it here.