February 10th, 2012

after all

Busy, busy, busy

I'm juggling a couple too many tasks today and tomorrow, so LJ and my assorted hangouts have been reduced to Work Avoidance rather than MaxFunPlaces. But I did want to mention that tomorrow, at 4:00 pm Chicago time, I'll be attending-through-Skype a panel at Capricon on Chicago Fan History (or something like that).

The also wanted to drop a quick link here about a LJ webcomic poll that I hadn't heard of before, which was mentioned in the comment thread of Gunnerkrigg Court (marvelous comic, that!). They have only a few votes so far (less than 100), and voting is open until the end of Feb.
It will probably be to no one's surprise that, after considering all the contestants, I placed my vote for Girl Genius - but you should make your own decisions!