February 19th, 2012

after all


No news yet (should I worry?) from the job I interviewed for on Wednesday. I really need something fun to distract me right now.

So it's convenient that yesterday I got a call from Jack Bell, following up on my much earlier offer to sell books for him at Potlatch. See, while he has a storage unit full of paperbacks he wants to find new homes for, he is way too busy, what with running the convention. And I am way too broke to consider investing the membership cost, along with the ferry pass and gas (let's not even contemplate hotel), even though I'm sure I would have the same fabulous time I had at the previous Potlatch.

But when our Powers Combine good things can happen. So Friday I look forward to setting up and selling books at Potlatch, and I really hope folks will stop by and chat. Jack's books will be $1 each, or 6 for $5. I'll have the run of Girl Genius there at regular retail ($25 each including the sales tax), and a box or two of oddities priced all over the map.