March 27th, 2012

after all

Always Something

Last Fall I interviewed for a position as a veterinarian's assistant. It was part-time, and didn't offer to pay much, but it was close to home, sounded interesting, and at that point (and this) I was going for any job that looked like they would take me. Just after the interview, he got an application from a person with overwhelming qualifications, and chose her (as I would have if I was him).

Saturday he phoned to see if I was maybe still interested. The Fall hire had known her stuff wrt being a veterinarian's assistant, but could not (despite months of trying) come up to speed on running the software needed to log appointments and treatment costs.

Yesterday was my first day there, and I think this will work out fairly well. Like many receptionist jobs, there's a lot of dead time, but I hope to fill that in as I learn more about the business. And like most new things one tries, there are a lot of new words to learn, new procedures to memorize, and a certain level of comfort with biological issues that I haven't exercised recently.

But hey, new job! That will (with agile scheduling) allow me to keep doing my other two part-time jobs! Now we only need to get the spouse and the kid employed, and we'll be golden!