May 11th, 2012

after all

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About five weeks ago I decided to forgo my usual foods that had caffeine, which would be soda pop and the occasional Rocket Chocolate. My motivation was pretty mild - every now and then I can feel my heart pounding a bit (as if I could hear it) and I wondered if caffeine might be involved.

Today's lunch was cheese sandwich with some fries, and I realized that a Coke would be the absolute most-wanted drink with that. And there's a bunch in the fridge (for my son). And I'm a bit tired of milk, tea and water (my other options).

So I had a Coke with lunch. And, ya know, it really wasn't anywhere near as tasty as I imagined it would be. Convenient I guess, but after this it's going to be even easier to stick to the alternatives.

Heart-wise, I haven't noticed any change one way or the other, so it's probably not caffeine, and may well be nothing more than that one of my three part-times jobs involves a lot of waiting around in a really quiet place.