June 17th, 2012

after all

Typical time interval?

On Wednesday I had an interview for a retail sales job. The job turns out to be full-time, not part-time as I had assumed, which would make it *even more* desirable.

The interview was with both of the owners of the shop, and it felt like we really hit it off. There didn't seem to be any concern about my qualifications (OK, mild concern that I am so very OVER qualified, but I felt I succeeded in quelling that), and I made it clear that I would arrange to have no schedule conflicts with whatever hours they would like me to have, and that I'm available immediately.

So now it's just the (seemingly unending) wait for either an offer or to be told I'm passed over.

My question to the Group Mind: What is a typical interval between interview and offer? At some point is it proper to follow up?

And hey, if anyone if like, BFFs with the folks who run Magic Mouse Toys, put in a good word for me!