July 4th, 2012

after all

Doing things on the 4th

I was going to scribe a post about all the things that are going on today that I could be doing, and why I'm not, but before I got even part way through listing them, I realized that this was a) boring, b) not going to change or inform anything and c) sounded much more pitiful than I mean it to.

Reality is, all of my not-immediate family and the vast majority of my friends live too far away to visit, and while there is a damn-fine convention ramping up only a ferry ride away, that's still a couple hundred dollars that I don't have to spend right now.

So today's actually-pretty-attractive plans are to finish (FINISH I SAY!) the clearing out of the work space, see if that bicycle I bought last year actually works for me (not too small) and just hang out with the immediate family, as we are all home today with no set schedule of activities.

Y'all have fun too today!