January 15th, 2013

after all

Thinking More, Doing Less

I get so much from reading LJ and FaceBook posts. It's entertainment, information, staying in touch and learning new things all at once.
And I want to contribute to that flow, to be more of a participant and less of an observer.
But looking back on the last six months (which is when my new job started) I find I post hardly at all, barely skim email, and have assembled weighty notebooks of ideas and projects without pushing any of them forward into reality.

Part of this has certainly been that the Day Jobbe (retail sales at Magic Mouse Toys) keeps me off the net entirely. Well, there's time to skim and post during the commute, but that's just from the phone (not my fav typing option). Part of it is that the physical requirements of being on my feet for nine hours and travelling for four leaves no energy for anything but basic maintenance and sleeping for five out of seven days.

Even when the treasured weekend arrives (which is Tuesday-Wednesday for me) I mostly want me to want to fix up the house (which needs it). And what I actually land up doing is more sleeping and the occasional video game. Meanwhile there is a steadily mounting stack of interesting projects, small business plans, and just cool things that would be fun to do that languish in a stack.

How useful do you think it would be to make a great big list of all the projects and ideas, and get feedback on which ones would be most interesting to push forward?