January 22nd, 2013

after all


While skimming craigslist for job postings on Vashon (with my son in mind) I spotted an opening that has got me thinking. It's not something I would have gone looking for - it's doing shipping for one of the local manufacturers - but all the things they want an applicant to know (Excel, Outlook, USPS, UPS and FedEx procedures) are things I have plenty of experience with.

This isn't a task my son could do, at least not without a lot of training. But it's something I bet I would be great at. So now I'm seriously looking into applying (digging out the last resume, that sort of thing).

I'm posting about it because I've found a vast reluctance to even the notion of leaving the toy store, even though the pay is not great, the work is physically grueling, transit costs in both money and time are intimidating, and the schedule precludes my spending time with Mike and/or getting to go to conventions any more. It's knowing the sense of betrayal that the toy shop owners will express when the day comes for me to move on, whenever that day may come, that initially put me off of considering this new possibility.

On the other hand, I've applied at more than a hundred places in the last year or so, and only the toy store ever even returned my call, so maybe this is yet another case of borrowing trouble that will never happen.

Still gonna apply.