April 5th, 2013

after all

Webcomic round-up

I wanted to compile a list of Favorite Webcomics to send to one of the other folks at the toy store, and can't find the one I made a while back for the convention panel I was on. And so many have changes since then anyway, that scrawling a new list here is probably more efficient anyway. No promises on getting ALL my favs in, as I'm doing this on the fly. I may edit and add more later... [Ahhhh, there are more, so many more, but I'm tired now, so ... POST!]

Updates 5 to 7 days a week:

Bad Machinery by John Allison - http://www.scarygoround.com/
The Devil's Panties by Jennie Breeden - http://thedevilspanties.com/
Diesel Sweeties by R Stevens - http://www.dieselsweeties.com/
Dominic Deegan by Mookie - http://www.dominic-deegan.com/ (1)
El Goonish Shive by Dan Shive - http://www.egscomics.com/
Girls with Slingshots by Danielle Corsetto - http://www.girlswithslingshots.com/
Kevin and Kell by Bill Holbrook - http://www.kevinandkell.com/
PVP by Scott Kurtz - http://www.pvponline.com/
Questionable Content by Jeff Jacques - http://www.questionablecontent.net/
Safe Havens by Bill Holbrook - http://safehavenscomic.com/
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal by Zach Weiner - http://www.smbc-comics.com/
Schlock Mercenary by Howard Taylor - http://www.schlockmercenary.com/
Sinfest by Tatsuya Ishida - http://www.sinfest.net/
Skin Horse by Jeff Wells and Shaenon Garrity - http://skin-horse.com/
Something Positive by Randy Milholland - http://www.somethingpositive.net/
Stinz by Donna Barr - http://stinz.com/

(1) ending in the next few months, after running for 10 years

Updates 2 to 3 times a week:

All New Issues by Bill Ellis and Dani O'Brien - http://www.allnewissuescomic.com/
Archipelago by Hannah D - http://archipelagocomic.com/comic/
Candi by Starline Hodge - http://candicomics.com/
Dan and Mab's Furry Adventure by Amber Williams - http://www.missmab.com/
Freefall by Mark Stanley - http://freefall.purrsia.com/
A Girl and Her Fed by Otter(...) - http://agirlandherfed.com/
Girl Genius by Phil and Kaja Foglio - http://www.girlgeniusonline.com/comic.php
Goblins by Taral Hunt - http://www.goblinscomic.com/
Gunnerkrigg Court by Tom Siddell - http://www.gunnerkrigg.com/
The Interstellar Tea House by Irony-chan - http://chaogaogong.livejournal.com/
Kiwi Blitz by Mary Cagle - http://www.kiwiblitz.com/
Leftover Soup by Tailsteak - http://leftoversoup.com/
Monster Pulse by Magnolia Porter - http://www.monster-pulse.com/
Namesake by Megan Lavey-Heaton and Isabelle Melançon - http://namesakecomic.com/
Penny Arcade by Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik - http://penny-arcade.com/comic
Punch and Pie by Aeire and Chris Daily - http://punchanpie.keenspot.com/
Sam and Fuzzy by Sam Logan - http://www.samandfuzzy.com/
Slightly Damned by Chu - http://www.sdamned.com/
TwoKinds by Tom Fischbach - http://twokinds.keenspot.com/
The Whiteboard by Doc - http://www.the-whiteboard.com/
Weregeek by Alina Pete - http://www.weregeek.com/
Widdershins by Kate Ashwin - http://www.widdershinscomic.com/
xkcd by Randall Munroe - http://www.xkcd.com/
Yellow Peril by Jamie Noguchi - http://ypcomic.com/

Updates once a week or irregularly:

The Abominable Charles Christopher by Karl Kerschl - http://abominable.cc/
Darwin Carmichael is Going to Hell by Sophie - http://dcisgoingtohell.com/
Johnny Wander by Ananth Panagiriya and Yuko Ota - http://www.johnnywander.com/
Oglaf by [I don't think she's telling] - http://oglaf.com/ (so very NSFW)
Order of the Stick by Rich Burlew - http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots0001.html
Paradigm Shift by Dirk Tiede - http://www.paradigmshiftmanga.com/
TJ and Amal by E.K. Weaver - http://tjandamal.com/

Completed (link to first page):

Concerned by Christopher C. Livingston - http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2005-05-01
Get Medieval by Ironychan - http://get-medieval.livejournal.com/738.html
Narbonic by Shaenon Garrity - http://www.webcomicsnation.com/shaenongarrity/narbonic_plus/series.php?view=archive&chapter=14156