June 3rd, 2013

after all

On the cusp of change

Your Monday is my Friday - but only for another week.
I gave my two week notice at the toy store. On June 11th I'll start my new job at Law Seminars International. I'm doing my usual almost-compulsive pre-change preparations: running through the new place's website, reawakening old skills (anyone have good tutorials to point to for MSAccess?), imagining what they are going to need from me, and how best to have it ready for them.

Selling toys has been fun, and I do love working retail, but I very much look forward to a job that doesn't require nine hours a day of standing, and lets me have my weekends back. I never knew how important those were to me until I didn't have them for ten months.

There's another, unrelated, change I'm slowly coming to realize I should choose. Did you ever have something that by any rational objective measure is completely unimportant, or maybe has a tiny impact but is inconsequential, and yet every time you encounter it adjusting it becomes important to you personally? Like, I know some people really do care about which way the toilet paper hangs on the roll (I am not one of those people).
Well I have some places online where I've been methodical about answering questions, giving feedback and just generally providing response whenever I think it might help. But while it's been fun, and something I'm doing out of joy, it feels now like it hasn't actually mattered. If I don't keep up with it, not only will no one mind, no one will even notice.
I'm thinking it's time to find out if that's the case. Maybe someone else will jump in. But maybe I've been talking more to myself than I realized.

Now - off to sell toys!