July 17th, 2013

after all

So, this feels weird

I think of myself as a pretty social person - I score top of the charts in the extrovert range, I greatly enjoy talking with people, hanging out, meeting new folks, reconnecting with friends.

There's a social event coming up in just a week or so that I've been more or less planning to go to - no commitments made, but I have the time and a bit of a budget.

And I'm finding almost no internal impetus to go.
There will be a whole bunch of people I sorta know, but no one I could count on hanging out with.
The potential housing arrangements went from "watch this space for where we're all staying" to "oh hey, looks like all the rooms sold before we could tell you, but there's another location far enough away to need a shuttle, and significantly over your budget, and I don't know anyone else who's staying there instead". Note: I do not feel like I'm being shut out, nor complaining about organization - I know just how that sort of thing happens - but the result remains the same: even less chance that I wouldn't be spending the time sitting against a wall wondering why I was there.

Meh, time to get ready for work and let this stew in the back of my brain for a few days.