December 1st, 2014


Little celebrations

These last two days have been (mostly) a delight - two days in a row when I'm home the same day Mike is. First time that's happened since I started the Country Store job in February. It isn't really a big deal, and not something I'm asking for. We do see each other a heck of a lot normally. But this was nice.

It was "(mostly)" because on Friday night I somehow slept at an odd angle, and woke up with a really stiff neck. By Saturday noon it was a *REALLY* stiff neck, and out came the ice pack, ibuprofen and gentle trigger point massage. As of this morning it's still a pain but nothing that makes me want to miss work.

Which leads to mention of little celebration number two - despite the ice and aging battery, I did indeed manage to start the car, and so have the choice of driving to work instead of walking. Yeay me! (And yeay Mike who jumped it yesterday and let it run for a while.)

Now, off to that work thing!