Alice Bentley (alicebentley) wrote,
Alice Bentley

Another week eaten by events - mostly fun events, but still eaten.

Last weekend was SakuraCon, a Seattle anime convention that I've enjoyed attending for the last several years. This year was very different because 1) I was working the Studio Foglio booth with Kaja on Friday and Sunday and 2) I had to boat back to Vashon on Friday night to deliver mail on Saturday, then boat back to Seattle to finish up the convention. Tiring.

Monday was the Post Office thing again, and the news that they need me to work this Friday and Saturday as well. I'm going to miss a class I was hoping to catch on recommended plantings for septic tank drainfields, but oh well.

Tuesday I figured I'd catch up on all that missed sleep, and the abandoned housework of the last couple of weeks. Although some sleep was accomplished, an amazing amount of time was used clearing out email. In the evening, a big order of plant bulbs was dropped off - I better get them in the ground quickly. Hostas and Asiatic lilies for the Japanese style garden on the side, peonys for the sunny part of the front yard, Siberian iris for the front walk.

Today I had some dim idea of getting up early, heading into Seattle to do more Studio stuff, maybe meet up with some friends for lunch downtown. This plan did not survive the morning, as my body informed me that we were going to be sleeping quite a bit more, thank you. Now it's nearing noon, and while I won't have delicious restaurant food today, at least I'll get the rest of the kitchen cleaned up.

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