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Monday was a day when nothing useful (other than delivering mail) got done. Even though I had an imperative need to 1) write up a description of Potlatch's Book of Honor (which I still need to finish), 2) process a mass-load of graphics files and 3) finish cleaning the kitchen and start cleaning the loft ... instead I spent a considerable chunk of Monday night looking for good webcomic review sites.

I have about a dozen each of daily, triweekly and weekly webcomics that I follow, but it's time to add some more. I hope to have an encyclopedic knowledge of them before the San Diego ComiCon so that THIS time when I meet various creators I actually know what they're talking about.

The first two hits on a google search for "webcomic review" are for sites that apparently stopped updating more than six months ago (an eternity in webcomic time). the third hit is for a LiveJournal account:

3) The Watchtower of Destruction

which is specifically aimed at lesser known comics.
April 27 2007 write up on Busted Wonder
April 20 2007 write up on +EV
with mention of The Noob
March 30 2007 mention of XKCD
review of Idiot Comics
March 23 2007 metareview about Websnark and The Watchtower
review of Flaky Pastry
March 16 2007 review of Kid Radd

and then I spent the next four hours compulsively hitting "next"...

Tuesday was far more productive - finished the first graphics files project, made major headway in the kitchen, not really happy with the Book of Honor writeup yet.

Today I promise NOT to spend the whole time on LiveJournal and webcomics...

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