Alice Bentley (alicebentley) wrote,
Alice Bentley

Despite the lure of talking longer with visiting-from-Chicago friend Chris, I made it down to aikido class today. That makes twice! Twice in a row, even!

I tried to concentrate more on feeling what I was doing wrong while we did the initial warmup rolls, and I can give a list of all the areas I know I need to improve, but didn't make much progress in actually *improving*. I did make it through almost all of the standing roll exercises, although that may have been a mistake, because I pulled a muscle (or something) in my right thigh, and that made it hard to do regular rolls while we practiced techniques.

I'm grateful that people have been so very patient with my stumbling attempts to relearn this stuff. I'm sorry to say that I can promise it will take a great deal more time before I reach the level of competence of the rest of the class. Reminders to self: "not a race", "it's OK to skip parts for now - just keep trying", "try to learn what they are showing you right now, not some vague memory from 10 years ago"

Three techniques were practiced (I munge spellings lazily once again): kosatore kokyunage (lead nage forward and down, then up, then down into a forward roll), katatetore kokyunage (lead nage up, use trailing hand to direct nage across, control head, lead down), and yokominuchi shihonage (one of my favorite techniques - of course, I still didn't do it correctly, but I have this wonderful memory of having done it well in the past). (No, these parenthetical remarks aren't likely to give enough information for most anyone else to visualize what we were doing - I'm hoping they provide enough clues for *me* to visualize what we were doing.)

Now I'm back home, stiff, sore, likely to be more sore tomorrow - and looking forward to next Monday!

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