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Handful of postings

Felt extra productive at work today, prepped a pile of limited edition art prints to ship out to Minicon, answered a bunch of emails, forwarded several hanging projects and still made it to aikido class afterward!

Note mostly to self: aikido class today went over the shomenuchi and yokomenuchi strikes, and striking with a kiai (the sound they prefer is "yi"). The techniques we practiced were shomenuchi ikkyo (abbreviated) tenkon and yokomenuchi kokyunage. My rolls still strongly resemble tossing a sack of potatoes, but it fells like a more comfortably familiar sense of cluelessness than before. I found myself moving far too automatically in kokyunage - I didn't even notice that I did the right hand side differently than the left hand side until the yudansha I was practicing with pointed it out - and then demonstrated - and then I *still* had trouble keeping to the technique we were trying for. Good thing it's not a race.

On the way home I watched the lunar eclipse for about 20 minutes. The sky was medium clear, quite different from the heavy cloud cover expected.

Here's a Hugo question - I want to nominate Girl Genius Volume 6, which I think is one of the best so far. Do I correctly interpret that I should find out how many words are used in the graphic novel, and that would point me to which of the four fiction categories it should be in?


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