Alice Bentley (alicebentley) wrote,
Alice Bentley

Hurray! It's Slackerday!

Both Friday and Saturday were jam-packed with busy, useful, tiring work: Get up at 6:00, do email, shower, wash dishes, catch ferry, traffic, pack boxes, type invoices, drive a little nervously to a new class, finish class at 9:00, drive, ferry, home by 11:00, up by 5:00, catch early ferry, drive to class, study like mad, drive to work, type like crazy person, (actually catch up to incoming orders!), drive, catch ferry, home by 9:00, don't set the alarm 'cause you don't need to but then wake up at 6:00 anyway because that's just how things work.

Today, Sunday, has been full anyway, but they're all things that aren't really on the schedule. A nice long walk to town and the Strawberry Festival. Toured the booths, the Land Trust is up to some interesting things again, tried the Red Bicycle for lunch (used to be called Bishop's Grill) - seems like they're still getting their staffing system worked out, but the food was good. The Classic Car Parade had a truly remarkable number of fabulous cars including a whole club worth of Thunderbirds, a Rolls, a Studebaker and a lot of cars I have only seen in magazines. All running on their own power, although every now and then there was one that clearly needs work (cough, cough, cough...).

Later in the afternoon what could have segued into a fine nap was instead a leap up to answer the phone ... dial tone ... ah, Mike's watching The Matrix. Really Loud. Well, it was a good time to hose off the car anyway.

Finally we finished off this slacktastic day with seeing Kung Fu Panda, which was just as much fun as the trailer had let us to hope for. And now I've updated LJ for the first time in a looooong while!
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