Alice Bentley (alicebentley) wrote,
Alice Bentley

In May I posted musings about new career paths, and possibly going back to school. In exploration of that, I learned that people applying to the better MBA schools need to take an entrance exam, the GMAT. I bought a study guide for it (Peterson's) and found to no great surprise that this test was going to be pretty hard, and that I wasn't doing very well self-studying for it.

So I signed up for a four session class ($385) at Seattle U about taking the GMAT. Worth every penny, as the instructor not only helped familiarize the oddities of this test [Data Sufficiency?!?] and identify which sections each student needed to work on, but was hilarious the whole time.

I took the test Monday afternoon - complete and official results won't be sent for a couple of weeks, but I unofficially got a 600 overall. So, better than average, but not amazingly so. Most of the points lost were in the Quantitative section. It's been far too long since I regularly factored quadratics.

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