Alice Bentley (alicebentley) wrote,
Alice Bentley

It's Ryan Estrada Day!

Webcomicer Ryan Estrada swamps the world of webcomics today with guest strips at dozens of other comics. Brilliant idea, and my only (completely unreasonable) disappointment is that he didn't choose to tackle several of my favorites.

I'm going to edit as I find more.

From my daily comics trawl:
Anders Loves Maria
Count Your Sheep
Dominic Deegan
Dresden Codak
Real Life
Scroll down the page for Sam and Fuzzy
Scary Go Round
Skin Horse
Templar, Arizona
Wapsi Square

Found scattered around on the internet:
Dueling Analogs

A list from last year's Ryan Estrada Day is at Flight Comics

And, as completely expected, Fleen enters the fray as Gary compiles a more extensive list.

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