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Whoo - long time no update!

School has been, um, challenging. I budget what I think will be plenty of time for a task, be it writing a paper or absorbing some of the massive amounts of reading, and find that 1) I have no practice or skill at writing and I'm really not that good at it and 2) it is not sufficient to just read the material. Yes, it all makes sense while I'm reading, but when I've finished I don't retain enough particular details to be able to reference points and call out pages. So now I'm reading with highlighter, pencil and Post Its in hand, and I'm getting the job done, but it's taking waaaay longer than I planned for.

Between school, commuting to Seattle to work at Studio Foglio, various trips and most recently helping someone move - the house is a wreck. This week is less scheduled than the past month has been, so I expect to be able to make some real progress on that front. But one thing becomes more clear with every shift of stacks: we have far too many books and comics. No, really! And they aren't even ones I want to read again!

Time to take action, and since I can't bear to just landfill or freecycle them I'm starting up a little mini-bookstore to sell them off. I'm getting a Dealer Table at RustyCon and (I hope) Norwescon. I'm going to compile a catalog and take mail orders. And I'm going to start posting lists here on my LJ. You have been warned.

Sheldon is running a poll for Best Caption. This is part of a contest he's running where he solicited entries from the readership, and now we're into the finals. Way worth scrolling down below today's comic (also good).

Every comic I read on comicgenesis has been refusing to completely load for weeks, yet there's not even a mention of it at my usual hangouts (Fleen, Websnark, ...). I can't really say I need new webcomics to read (there's a lot already) but I think I may need more hangouts. Any suggestions?

LJ is going to be doing one of their rare (about once a year) offerings of permanent accounts on Thursday [Edit] 12/04 [was 11/20 but they changed it]. For $175.00 you don't have to fuss about renewal dates ever again, and you get about a million userpics (well, a lot anyway). Sure, I was making the bet that LJ will still be around in six years, and that I'd still be using it, but it doesn't seem to be that big a gamble. And I do get a lot of use out of the thing, even when I don't post myself that often.

The Future
More frequent updates promised! At least for this week, before the schedule crowds up again....

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