Alice Bentley (alicebentley) wrote,
Alice Bentley

Day After Christmas Report

Although it's been raining fairly steadily today, the snow/ice mixture in the yard and driveway would still make getting the car out an ordeal. We're just hoping really hard that enough is gone by Sunday morning to make our trip to the airport negotiable.

A very quiet Christmas day has been followed by a just-as-quiet day after. I did get up the inspiration to cook something closer to a real dinner (last night was leftovers - yummy, but still leftovers). My experimental dish was a baked apple and sweet potato slurry that was very tasty but more like dessert than a side dish.

It's been a little strange reading so many friend's reports of family and friend gatherings. I would have expected to be almost melancholy about it, since they are all events that we are either too far to get to, or we weren't invited, or they're people we know well enough to say howdy to, but wouldn't expect to spend Christmas with. In any case the storm made it unwise to attempt any travel that involved driving, so we wouldn't have been able to go anyway.

Rather than being sad for what I was missing, it's been both a comfort and a pleasure to know that these gatherings are going on around me. I've really enjoyed hearing who showed up, what was done, and which parts were the most important to the person writing.

So thanks for all the updates!

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