Alice Bentley (alicebentley) wrote,
Alice Bentley

RustyCon last weekend, NorWesCon in April

I was a convention book dealer once again last weekend - an occupation with echoes of my past life as a real bookseller, and the structure to provide reasonable conversation with strangers who may well become friends.

My motivation was a combination of wanting to find new homes for the couple hundred or so books I own that I'm willing (almost eager!) to pass on to other people, and an increasing interest in establishing new friendships here in the PNW. I would really prefer not to repeat the Twilight-Zone-like experience of my first OryCon, where every single aspect of the convention was just like the several hundred cons I had been to in the past, but all the people I saw were vaguely familiar looking complete strangers.

Living on Vashon means that it takes extra effort to get out to events, and I generally don't manage to scrape up the enthusiasm for things that are only a couple of hours long (why I almost never come to Vanguard). Going to a convention where I'm just attending results in seeing a few interesting panels, but I don't have a good framework for striking up conversations with people (what I really want). Running a table means there's always *something* to talk about, even if it's just an info-dump about what's being sold.

At RustyCon I learned that some people have already heard if they had a table at NorWesCon. While I haven't heard directly from them, when I checked their website I'm listed, so I expect I'll be at NorWesCon instead of SakuraCon this year.

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