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RustyCon last weekend, NorWesCon in April

I was a convention book dealer once again last weekend - an occupation with echoes of my past life as a real bookseller, and the structure to provide reasonable conversation with strangers who may well become friends.

My motivation was a combination of wanting to find new homes for the couple hundred or so books I own that I'm willing (almost eager!) to pass on to other people, and an increasing interest in establishing new friendships here in the PNW. I would really prefer not to repeat the Twilight-Zone-like experience of my first OryCon, where every single aspect of the convention was just like the several hundred cons I had been to in the past, but all the people I saw were vaguely familiar looking complete strangers.

Living on Vashon means that it takes extra effort to get out to events, and I generally don't manage to scrape up the enthusiasm for things that are only a couple of hours long (why I almost never come to Vanguard). Going to a convention where I'm just attending results in seeing a few interesting panels, but I don't have a good framework for striking up conversations with people (what I really want). Running a table means there's always *something* to talk about, even if it's just an info-dump about what's being sold.

At RustyCon I learned that some people have already heard if they had a table at NorWesCon. While I haven't heard directly from them, when I checked their website I'm listed, so I expect I'll be at NorWesCon instead of SakuraCon this year.


Jan. 12th, 2009 09:58 pm (UTC)
I suppose it doesn't help that the dealer I heard this from is a professional performer who chose not to agree to do a concert for free, and then was told that he would not be getting a table in the dealers room. While it remains unclear if these two events are related - I should hope not! - it does leave him having to look into other ways to make contact with his fans.

I'll admit that, knowing how few booksellers are left, I thought I might have a better chance at a table than if I was a jewelry or costuming dealer.

I sympathize with the folks having to make these decisions - it's never easy to fit way too much fun in a too-small facility, yet the hazards and workload of moving are even worse.
Jan. 12th, 2009 10:05 pm (UTC)
Oh, dear. The other dealer's situation does sound like an unfortunate confluence of circumstances, at the very least. But it seems to me that if the concom folk have time to reject one dealer, and have time to put another dealer (you) on a list of dealers who will be at the convention, they have time to e-mail you and tell you that you are on that list. Sheesh. That seems kinda basic, yanno?


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