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The Kid has expressed interest in getting a dog, and wants something husky-like. I know that a husky would need lots of exercise, but here I have a bored 16 year old ready and willing to provide just that.

The shelters I contacted require us to have a fenced in yard as a condition of adopting, so I've spent the last couple of months reading up on the topic and getting quotes.
Invisible Fence would run about $2,000 and works for most but not all dogs.
Extending our current scrap of fence all the way around the yard, with something that looks really good is almost $8,000.

My question to LJ: how necessary is a fence really (aside from the fact that the shelters require it)?
If I go minimal, what's a reasonable size for a fenced area for a mid-size dog?


Feb. 16th, 2009 07:46 pm (UTC)
My first piece of advice is: DO NOT GET A PUREBRED ANYTHING unless you're looking to show or breed. Stick with mixes and mutts. They're much calmer, less bone-headed, and tend to have fewer health problems down the line. I have little experience with huskies but I've had TONS with territorial dogs. As long as you don't have any timid people in your household the dog should fit in quite nicely. My previous dog (a Chow/Shepherd cross, about as territorial as you can get) loved cats and other animals, even other dogs. Most dogs are going to be quite comfortable with other animals because they're pack animals. Herding dogs may nip and try to "herd" other animals and people. Hunting dogs could possibly be dangerous around small animals. Although one of our current dogs is half bloodhound and he gets along quite well with the cats. It really depends on the individual.

The territorial issues have mostly to do with humans so the dog might become aggressive towards strangers. We had to lock our chow/shepherd away every time we had guests.

Unless you plan on keeping your dog inside all the time, get a fence! Outside dogs are considerably easier and less time-consuming to care for than inside dogs. Being kept inside it'll have to be walked every day and taken outside every few hours. When you go on vacation or even just leave for the day you'll need someone to dogsit for you.

I've never used an Invisible Fence so I have no idea how effective it is or what kinds of dogs it'll work for. However, we've always had just a plain 6' wooden privacy fence and have never had a problem with it. Some dogs learn to jump them but none of my dogs ever have so again, I don't have much advice there. I'm betting that the bigger your yard is and the fewer outside distractions there are (neighbors, cars, other dogs) the less likely a dog will be to try to jump the fence or dig under it. Although usually smaller dogs are the diggers. We have 2 acres of rural property so our dogs have never had the desire to leave. They're quite content to run around the back pasture and chase ground squirrels all day.


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