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The Kid has expressed interest in getting a dog, and wants something husky-like. I know that a husky would need lots of exercise, but here I have a bored 16 year old ready and willing to provide just that.

The shelters I contacted require us to have a fenced in yard as a condition of adopting, so I've spent the last couple of months reading up on the topic and getting quotes.
Invisible Fence would run about $2,000 and works for most but not all dogs.
Extending our current scrap of fence all the way around the yard, with something that looks really good is almost $8,000.

My question to LJ: how necessary is a fence really (aside from the fact that the shelters require it)?
If I go minimal, what's a reasonable size for a fenced area for a mid-size dog?


Feb. 16th, 2009 09:46 pm (UTC)
A friend who had a part-husky put it like this: you know how a dog sees something interesting down the block (tree, hydrant, squirrel ...) and runs to it? Well, a husky does the same thing -- except it looks for something on the horizon. Good for pulling sleds across the tundra; bad for staying inside a fence.

Are you close to any shelters or vets who need volunteers? Around here, the shelters are happy to have responsible teens come in after school to walk the dogs, play with the cats, and do general clean-up. He'd have plenty of dogs for company and a good service project to put on his college applications -- and you wouldn't be left with a dog when he moves out. Just a suggestion from a mom who's soon to inherit an elderly ferret who needs meds twice a day.


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