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The Kid has expressed interest in getting a dog, and wants something husky-like. I know that a husky would need lots of exercise, but here I have a bored 16 year old ready and willing to provide just that.

The shelters I contacted require us to have a fenced in yard as a condition of adopting, so I've spent the last couple of months reading up on the topic and getting quotes.
Invisible Fence would run about $2,000 and works for most but not all dogs.
Extending our current scrap of fence all the way around the yard, with something that looks really good is almost $8,000.

My question to LJ: how necessary is a fence really (aside from the fact that the shelters require it)?
If I go minimal, what's a reasonable size for a fenced area for a mid-size dog?


Mar. 11th, 2009 04:02 pm (UTC)
Re: This dog is really for you, right?
Hmmm, I'm not much of a "dog" person, and for that matter was sorta looking forward to an animal-free lifestyle back when I had two very elderly cats - and just before Mike's Mom gifted us with a feral rescue kitten she couldn't handle.

The agreement into looking into getting a dog was more a matter of
1) I said he could get one back when he was 11, but he didn't want one then
2) I do think it would be good for the kid to have a friend, and a dog is a reasonable substitute

As it happens, Mike is still out of work, we aren't going to be spending money on anything like putting in a fence, and the kid has done enough reading to have more of an appreciation about how much work is involved in raising a dog. The issue isn't completely closed, but has lurched much closer to not happening than happening.


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