Alice Bentley (alicebentley) wrote,
Alice Bentley

Tick, tick, tick

Five days left before we head out for Seattle.

Today's adventures include the arrival of the five shipping containers that we're using to move the majority of our household. Just where they'll go outside the apartment building remains a mystery, but I'm sure something will work out.

Only five more bookcases left to box up, and only three more closets! Unfortunately, there's still two desks and the majority of an office space as well. There's still plenty of small boxes left, but we've run out of larger ones. Time to make some phone calls or a quick trip to Office Max (about $1/box for really nice ones).

The brawny fellows who will actually be carrying everything down four flights of stairs and loading the containers won't be here until Sunday, so there's still a bit of slack.

My userpict shows one view of the new house - I'll try getting some more pictures up here later.

And now, off to pack boxes!

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