Alice Bentley (alicebentley) wrote,
Alice Bentley

I'm packing up the last load or so for Norwescon and it's one of the stranger feelings I've had.

I associate packing books for a convention with the years of the bookstore - where I'm sorting between 3000 sqft of excellent selection for the 6 ft of table space I can use, and picking only the best and most appropriate books.

This is so different.

It been years since I was a bookseller - all those regular bookstore books are long sold and gone. Instead I'm bringing a chaotic mixup of paperbacks and manga I've read and don't need to keep. A couple of cases of fine hardcovers and rarities that I had carried at the shop and moved out here half unknowing. Some boxes of comic books, mostly Bone and Books of Magic and a montage of 80's DC and Marvel. It's all stuff I still think is pretty cool, but there's far too much of it in the house, and it's past time to share.

I just feel weird knowing that I don't have any of the attending author's books no new releases, no favorite recommendations. Feels odd.

So come by and chat - distract me from being at a convention that feels just like the hundreds of Midwest conventions I've been to - but the books on the table aren't like the one's I'm used to, and the friends passing by are often people I haven't met yet.

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