Alice Bentley (alicebentley) wrote,
Alice Bentley

Long time, no update

The three day drive from Chicago to Seattle was tiring but harmless. The week of camping in the house (sleeping bags, a backpack of clothes and no cooking utensils) was bizarre. Now it's been almost three weeks, and much of our "stuff" is still in transit, but we've got enough essentials to make it feel like home.

That nagging cough, brought on by exertion and dust, has hung on for weeks, sapping energy and making ribs sore. What a good excuse for an afternoon nap.

Still haven't really adjusted to the change from inter-urban to rural. Shops here close at 7 pm, there's very few restaurants, no convenience stores. The only "chain" stores are the locally owned grocery stores! I plan to cook a great deal more than I ever have back in Chicago - this will be easier to actually try once the pots and pans arrive. Adjusting to an electric oven and stove will also clearly take a bit of time.

Now, to unpack some more boxes...

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