Alice Bentley (alicebentley) wrote,
Alice Bentley

Pushed it a little too much

On Wednesday I made two (very tiring) trips to Kent WA to unload the storage containers used to move a lot of our stuff. Lots of driving in heavy traffic followed by moving many boxes, repeat (Vashon to Kent, load, Kent to Vashon, unload, Vashon to Kent, load, Kent to Vashon, unload).

Thursday moring - what a surprise - almost too stiff to move. Back hurts. Coughing has restarted with a vengengence. No more moving for me today. Fortunately, the storage facility where they are is just that, a storage facility. And they really don't care how long I take to get the stuff out of there.

Now it's Friday. Still stiff, but not immediately reaching for the ibuprofin. Still coughing, but no longer feel bits of lung coming up. We'll aim to get another load done tomorrow, while Mike is available to help. Meanwhile, there's always getting all the stuff that's already here unpacked and on shelves. Whoo.

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