Alice Bentley (alicebentley) wrote,
Alice Bentley

Still many boxes to go

While the mountain of boxes to unpack and shelve remains dauntingly large, at least all of our stuff is now in one location.

There's a small group of techie types that gets together for breakfast on Thursdays. Anywhere from 0 to 6 people show up - you never know which. This morning we had one of those Small Town moments when one of the guys mentioned that he used to live in the house that we;ve bought. He rented the north half up until July '03, which is when the wacky landlady's antics became too much to put up with. LOTS of stories about what she was like.

He wasn't too surprised to learn that the neighbors on both sides are also new as of the last six months. No wonder people have been so happy to have us move in!

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