Alice Bentley (alicebentley) wrote,
Alice Bentley

Lost my cell phone last night ...

Sat outside the SDCC convention center in the morning trying to use the Google provided connection - but it was so unstable that I couldn't stay connected long enough to post anything - not even to Twitter.

Gave up, worked the show, had dinner out with a great bunch of hastily assembled webcomic enthusiasts and have returned to the hotel with free fast internet.

So that's some of why you haven't heard even a squeak from me for a while.

Tomorrow is selling, the breakdown then dash for the plane. Because my flight doesn't reach Seattle until too late to catch the last ferry, I've booked a room in the Travelelodge at the airport. I'll meander my way back home sometime Monday.

Then on Thursday it's back into the air for my trip to Chicago!
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