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Alice Bentley

Votes on the poll were pretty much even regarding big, long, rambling posts and short one-topic ones, but Bill's point for which is more likely is valid. And besides, now that I collect them together some, these are a pretty wide-ranging pile of thoughts. So let's just get them one at a time.

Accursed Dragon is a webcomic by Ryan Smith, the same clever fellow who did the long-running Funny Farm. He is celebrating the publication of the first volume by getting fellow webcomic creator's impression of his work. That one was posted on Monday and shows the four HalfPixel guys, Dave Kellet (Sheldon), Scott Kurtz (PVP), Kris Straub (Starslip) and Brad Guigar (Evil, Inc.).

Tuesday's post shows Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins, artist and writer of Penny Arcade, while today's features Mel Hynes and James Grant, the creative dynamo behind Two Lumps.

Well done! These have been delightful even if he stops now, and there's a real possibility that there's more where that came from!
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