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ironychan has been posting an updated list of her main projects for the summer, which has been both interesting and encouraging to watch. I'm going to borrow the concept to remind and reward myself to construct some of the numerous posts I think about but don't manage to sit down and write.

We'll see if this works.

WC ) Although I planned to be at WorldCon this weekend, it was not to be. But I'm still planning on posting about the events that are of special interest to me, partly because it would have been nice to be there, partly to highlight things that other readers might not have noticed, but mostly because I had signed up at ConReporter and I would still like to contribute something. Since I am planning on posting (and Twittering) other things in addition to the convention, I'm going to mark those posts with a #WC.

Biz ) Way back in 2004 I held a program item at Duckon on the various factors that lead to my decision to close The Stars Our Destination. I've always meant to write that up into a more accessible text, so I'm putting this on this list in the expectation that I might actually do it.

(I'm realizing how critical the process of writing these down has become, because although I *know* that I have at least half-a-dozen topics I want to list, my mind keeps cycling back to those first two.)

WW ) Events here at the hospital may preclude attending, but the Chicago Comic-Con (which I still habitually call WizardWorld) is being held at the Rosemont convention center this weekend. A one day pass is $25 or $30, and it would be fun to stop by and visit (or harass) Dirk Tiede (Paradigm Shift) at table 3316 along with his pal Brian Babendererde (Soul Chaser Betty), Jennie Breeden (Devil's Panties) somewhere or other, or David Willis (Shortpacked) and Chris Hallbeck (The Book of Biff) at table 3226. There's probably even some other folks I'd love to run into that I haven't seen post about this.

... visiting slot opened, more posting later...

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