Alice Bentley (alicebentley) wrote,
Alice Bentley

Transition week

We are reaching the point where several of the shelving units have been mounted to the walls, and books can start coming out of boxes in serious numbers. Slowly, maddening clutter and onstructionist box-mountains are starting to dwindle. Yeay!

This Thursday was my first class in aikido, a martial art I studied in Chicago up until four years ago. Since then I've gained weight, lost muscle, and I can tell it will be another slow learning curve to get back to the point where I can put effort into something more than fighting my body. We'll see.

Friday was my first ever piano instruction. The Kid's been learning piano for about six months, and with the relocation I thought I might try it too. A-MAZE-ing how much came back from those flute lessons 35 years ago.

I'm going to hold off on starting my two major projects/hobbies - a newsletter and art - until more of the house is in order. Aikido and piano are just for fun, whatchacall "personal enrichment". The newsletter and art will be both fun and my way to be more involved in the science fiction world once again.

This user picture is really in honor of The Kid. We all enjoyed Shrek 2, but he's taken to trying to emulate the kitty when he wants something. Pretty hilareous to see.

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