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Alice Bentley

1) Last major day at WorldCon. The many twitters (check out #worldcon09) and postings about it give a view of a fine convention well enjoyed by the participants, or at least the ones who talk about it. Hugos tonight, and I expect Twitter will give us a moment by moment rundown of the event.

2) Stars shutdown article - no progress

3) WizardWorld - last day for what sounds like a fairly typical and successful convention. Books were sold, people were met and fun was had. I would have liked to stop by, but think I've made the right choice sticking around here.

4) SDCC daily sales - I've started to sketch together what I wanted to say, and I'm thinking about submitting it as an article to someplace like The lazy part of me doesn't want to put as much work into it as a professional writeup would require, but we shall see what I come up with when I actually write the thing.

5) Webcomics overview - not completely sure how to start and anyway, no progress

6) iPhone apps - haven't worked on it at all, but the first step will probably be listing what info is availale on the various provider's sites. Keenspot will be a good starting place.

7) Hanging out - a short article about the challenges faced by a highly extroverted person who wants to socialize with the creators she admires, but isn't sure how to initiate contact without seeming like some creepy stalker. Just thoughts and scribbles at this point.

8) Business models - I've been fascinated and delighted to observe the various successful business models emerging from the webcomics world, and speculating on how this might influence or enable the struggling book world. I also had some great but very short conversations with a woman at SDCC about a book she's writing about business models, and now I want to get my own thoughts and observations written before I encounter her work.

9) I assembled the SDCC webcomic list for my own amusement and utility, but the difficulty of collecting the information underscored how the smaller publishers and comic creators don't have a mechanism at the moment to get the full value for their appearances at events. Especially for limited attendance events like San Diego, the fan base would benefit from knowing months in advance who is planning to be there. And once the convention is imminent, knowing what special releases or new publications will be there would help them plan for their outlay. I'm thinking a site structured around promoting the webcomic creators attending each specific event would be both useful and doable, but it's not going to be at the top of my task list for now.

* not sure this numbered list process is working as I hoped - the list just keeps getting longer - but it is a way to gather my scattered thoughts and see a bit of progress.

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