Alice Bentley (alicebentley) wrote,
Alice Bentley

Cold and cloudy

The weather has been unseasonably clear, or overcast but not actually raining, for several weeks now. Usually by October we're already starting to feel soggy from the fall rains.
This was a marvelous thing for our home repair issues - Last week we got 5/7th of the roof de-mossed and swept, This week we managed to get the deck sanded, cleaned and sealed. I slept like a dead thing last night, no doubt as a result of every muscle complaining at the unusual demands on them.

I would be unhappy at the cold, but since I have lots of schoolwork to do at the desk, and a very nice (and efficient!) tiny space heater here, the fact that the rest of the house is somewhat chilly doesn't bother me. I did turn the central heat system on, but only enough to keep things from getting ridiculous.

Now to resume the battle with PowerPoint, or quite likely some other graphics manipulation program, in the so far unsuccessful battle to get the chart I have looking the way I want it to.

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