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Nov. 3rd, 2009

I spent far too much of this evening scrolling through election results and watching the boys play video games instead of finishing up my Econ write-up.

It's got a good start, but I really hope I can whip it into shape before our team call-in tomorrow at 10:00 am.


Nov. 4th, 2009 04:12 pm (UTC)
In effect. Last year I signed on to a two year grad school program it get an MBA. My thought was to learn enough about the corporate world to get a job there, and have a ticky-box that HR will understand (since my resume is fairly ... eclectic). The school I chose, Seattle University, advised me to go for the (more difficult, more expensive) Executive MBA, which is all older folks who are currently working (mostly middle management) instead of the 20-somethings coming straight from college.

It's been very interesting, and expensive, and often humbling. My background means that I often have experiences and insights that are new to the group, but also that I'm at a disadvantage with a lot of the skills that everyone else is already excellent at. Like essay and report writing.

I'm one of the few who's not working, so you'd think I had lots of time for this, but the reality is that I struggle to get my output to a level I find acceptable. On the other hand, working with the others in the class has convinced me that I could indeed do a reasonable job in school while holding down a full time position. There's been more than a little difficulty in finding one just now, but I remain optimistic, and once school schedules don't have to be taken into consideration (June 2010!) I'm reasonably certain the skills I'm learning and the people I'm meeting will add up to a good job connection.

Classes are all day Thursday through Saturday every four weeks or so, with the vast majority of our work to be done at home. There are also a lot of group assignments, which comes with its own barrel of monkeys.

So it's a lot of work, but worth it. And I'd be more cheerful about the whole thing if we weren't also battling some fairly bothersome money issues (a double whammy this last year of tuition and Mike either out of work or vastly underemployed).

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