Alice Bentley (alicebentley) wrote,
Alice Bentley


Every day, often several times a day, I catch up on LiveJournal, make a quick pass at FaceBook, sometimes even cruise Twitter when I'm not at a convention (the main time I use Twitter). I love the way this lets me know how (some of) my friends are doing, what they're up to, what's happening in their worlds.

And yet, I am very rarely inspired to add in my own posts. I'll comment far more often than I'll initiate. And I'm not sure just why that is. I know if you were all here with me, if this was some sort of tangible gathering, I would be busy showing you this clever webcomic update, enthusing about which of two major projects to choose for my graduate school Capstone, and wistfully hoping for the best as I send off yet another promising job application.

But the truth is, posting here is not at all the same, and only the fact that I really need to get going on that sensitivity analysis for my group report gives me the impetus to not delete this, but hit ... send
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