Alice Bentley (alicebentley) wrote,
Alice Bentley

Task Avoidance

I have only one critical task to complete today - submitting a not yet finished proposal for school - and I find myself doing dozens of unrelated tasks instead. I'm usually a Do It Early sort of person, so this foot-dragging is out of character as well as being an annoying interference.

That's why I've taken yet another few minutes from the day to post about it here. Just like standing up at an AA meeting (I've never been to an AA meeting, and I don't drink alcohol so I probably never will), I'm hoping that the act of acknowledging inappropriate behavior will lead to its end.

I suspect my true dis-motivation is that I'm proposing something that will commit me to a whole lot of interactions that I'm not very courageous about, so any barriers are welcome. Still, it's got to get done, and it's got to be done before the day is over. So back I go to it.

Edit to add: turned it in in time, I'm pretty pleased with it, and thank you for the helpful advice both here and through email!
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