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Look! An update!

I am encouraged by the fascinating exploits of my many more-frequently-posting friends to try to do some of that myself.

Today's adventures started off with some last minute changes to a school project (safely submitted more than an hour before the deadline!), followed by a really boisterous gathering at Cafe Luna to guzzle hot chocolate and swap opinions about Apple's new iPad, favorite apps on the iPhone, what's up with the re-org at Real, and reporting in on the just-breaking Amazon/Macmillan kerfluffle.

Back home there is unfortunately no laundry to do because FedEx Ground decided not to deliver the part we need to fix the washer. It was on the truck, and expected on Friday, but the driver reported the box as "showing some damage" and sent it back. My suspicion is that the driver had too few packages for Vashon to make it worth his or her while to cross over - but that's just me.

The afternoon was made lively by spotting a Seattle job opening that I think I would both greatly enjoy and be good at. Wrangling cover letter copy is always a tricky dance, but it and my resume are off in the aether now, so we'll see if anything comes of it.

Now on to more homework and then ... drumroll .. so exciting! ... early bedtime!!!!


Jan. 31st, 2010 07:04 am (UTC)
I use cover letters to drop information that's specific to the job opening but not included in the resume. Like for this one I pointed out that while Marketing has never been my one-and-only task before now, it was of crucial importance in both of my last two jobs.

Of course, I don't know that getting my opinion on job applications is necessarily useful. I have yet to have ever gotten a job as a result of having applied for it. (Unless you count the Post Office, and they were clearly ready to take anything that could drive and stuff mail in a box at the same time.)


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