Alice Bentley (alicebentley) wrote,
Alice Bentley

Sad news from last night is that fixing my laptop is not a simple swap and drop. And it's likely that the image on the failing drive can't be read. Pooh.

So you folks at Capricon who I promised a Great Big Webcomics List? I'm still going to compile it, but it will take a little longer than I expected. And it needs to take a back seat now and again to my school work, which is ALSO taking more time than I expected (as I scramble for copies and do the dance of file conversion).

On a distracting but inspirational note, here's a video of some guy named Josh explaining why you shouldn't despair just because you've been following your artistic career and haven't yet found success.

[Icon chosen in honor of machines which don't do what you think they might, with both this XP box and my poor gutted PowerBook in mind.]
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